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We believe that it’s important to partner clients in building agile brands, in order to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace. That’s why, our singular focus is to combine your sales and marketing teams for strategic, targeted and holistic company growth, to generate more leads and close more businesses.

Meet the Leaders

Our Very Own A-Listers

Amrit Gurbani, CEO

Amrit Gurbani, CEO

Amrit is a creative leader who is constantly exploring new, better ways of doing things. After failing in scaling his own startup, he became obsessed with growth and decided to learn while helping other startups and small businesses scale up.

This led to DXTR, a team of highly effective growth marketers that now work with Indonesia’s largest Brands. Beyond the technical and creative aspect of digital, Amrit is now focused on the political and cultural lens of digital transformation, learning how to help older organizations evolve and grow.

Adrian Liunardo, CIO

Adrian Liunardo, CIO

Adrian is a fundamental technologist who can hack and breakdown virtually any kind of technology to its atoms. He started out as a coding instructor, eventually becoming the CTO of the first local e-commerce to be acquired by a US company.

One of Adrian’s masterpiece is Ultima Engine, our very own CMS & performance engine which powers most of our clients’ growth. His engine provides advanced analytics that give us unparalleled user behavior insights with laser accuracy, helping us make better business decisions in real time.

Arisyi Zimah, CTO

Arisyi Zimah, CTO

Arisyi is a modern technologist that is most comfortable in learning and implementing new technology. While being tech lead of “the” local digital agency, he was offered an opportunity to move to Oman to work on the largest online forum in the Middle East.

After his return from the Middle East, Arisyi joined DXTR and scaled up our tech team far beyond our initial setup. He also pioneered the development of mobile apps, cloud infrastructure and micro-services based architecture that Brands need to be able to cope super high digital traffic.

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